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    About Dr Rajesh

    Hello, I am Dr Rajesh Gupta

    I'm Dr. Rajesh Gupta, your cognitive-behavioral guide and solution-focused ally on this transformative journey.

    Our mission is to reveal your innate potential and guide you toward a life that's not just lived, but celebrated. While we can't rewrite the past, we can work together to shed light on the challenges that may have held you back.

    Navigating the complex maze of emotions? Our specialized depression treatment is here to guide you to brighter days. Struggling with relationships? Let's unravel the knots together through couples counseling, fostering connections that flourish. So, let's rewrite your story, one session at a time.

    Rated as best counselling centre in Chandigarh

    Brain Excel has achieved the prestigious recognition of being rated as the best counseling center in Chandigarh by the reputable ThreeBestRated website.They have thoroughly evaluated the business based on rigorous 50-Point Inspection.

    Renowned for its exceptional counseling services, Brain Excel stands out as a trusted and top-tier resource for individuals seeking support and guidance in Chandigarh, India and around the world.

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    Through expert guidance, we conquer the depths of depression, mend relationships, and nurture personal growth. Our counseling mastery and positive psychology tools empower you to triumph over challenges and seize new opportunities for a brighter future.

    • Winner Of Best Counselling Center Award
    • Award Of Best Positive Life Coach
    • Winner of Fireboxx International Best Counsellor And Psychotherapist Award
    • Ranked Among Top 10 Career Consultants
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    Over 1100 5-star reviews on Google indicate a consistent track record of providing exceptional services and making a positive impact on clients' lives.


    Depression And OCD

    Expert Depression Therapy: Transforming Lives with Effective Counseling Solutions

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    Couples And Relationship Counselling

    Couples’ therapy is a form of therapy in which a couple works with a therapist

    Read More

    man kissing woman's forehead


    Anxiety And Anger Management

    Anxiety disorders can be a serious illness and have long term problems Read More
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    Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression

    Guided by a trained, certified hypnotist or hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy takes you to a heightened state of concentration Read More
    woman wearing gray jacket


    Positive Life And Happiness Coach

    Dr. Rajesh Gupta: Inspiring Positive Transformation as an Experienced and Empowering Life Coach. Read More
    three men and one woman laughing during daytime


    Career And Parenting Counselling

    Navigate career choices with confidence and foster harmonious parenting relationships through expert guidance and counseling.Read More
    woman sitting around table holding tablet

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    Explore a treasure trove of enlightening videos presented by Dr. Rajesh Gupta. Immerse yourself in valuable insights and transformative knowledge across various topics, empowering you on your journey to personal growth and well-being.


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    Brain Excel offers a range of specialized services, including career counseling, hypnotherapy, past life regression, and more. This diversity demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of psychological and personal development needs.



    We have a solution to every kind of psychiatric problem



    Majority business we get comes through referrals.



    We are strictly professional in our approach.



    We are always there to help.

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    It is wrong to assume every little sorrow as the depression. It is worth to mention and note that depression is a major mental illness which people across the globe are facing.


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