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The incorporation of positive psychology tools indicates a proactive and empowering approach to helping individuals achieve personal growth and well-being.

Transformation Stories:

 Numerous testimonials and success stories from past clients demonstrate the tangible positive outcomes that individuals have experienced through Brain Excel's services.

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About Brain Excel

Established in the year 2017, at Chandigarh (India) by Dr. Rajesh Gupta who has multiple interdisciplinary psycho human development post graduations and our 35 years of experience in the Human Development

We at Brain Excel offer both experience and credentials to meet the growing demand of Valuation and Corporate advisory services. Over a brief period, we have already started making a difference to such discerning clients. The strength of Brain Excel lies in its team of highly qualified, skilled and motivated professionals who are encouraged to lead, innovate and excel.



Dr Rajesh Gupta is a brain n behavior consultant, certified career planner and strategist, certified parenting coach, psychological Counselor and hypnotherapist He is certified trainer for Dr. Edward de Bono thinking and creativity tools.

He is certified trainer for Neuro Linguistic practice techniques. He has over 300 five star ratings on Google for Career Counseling, Parent n Child Counselor, Relationship Counseling. He has 131 five star ratings for depression counseling n hypnotherapist.