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Dr. Rajesh Gupta, a highly reviewed relationship consultant on Google has more than 35 years of experience in the Human Development Sciences..

Why Depression Counselling?

Since we all feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some people experience these emotions deeply, for long periods of time – weeks, months or even years and even for any identifiable reason. Depression is more than just a bad mood – a severe illness that affects your physical and mental health

You may want to see a therapist for depression if you’ve experienced one or more symptoms of depression for 14 days or longer. Symptoms vary between individuals and may include irritability, persistent anger, or a feeling of being on edge. You may also experience difficulty concentrating and sleeping, feeling sad, or struggling to maintain work and family responsibilities.

Therapy for depression can help you recognize how depression is affecting your life and give you the coping mechanisms you need to manage your depressive symptoms safely.

About Dr Rajesh

Senior Psychotherapist And Counselor

Dr. Gupta is associated as Senior Counselor n Psychotherapist in H. Medical College n Hospital Chandigarh. He also holds OPD in Indira Gandhi Holiday Home Hospital, Chandigarh.

Award of honour presented for...

Award of honour presented for psychological services by Bharat Vikas Parishad Chandigarh and Grey Shades Chandigarh. Dr. Gupta is also Goodwill Ambassador of mission Change to be for Chandigarh.

Guest Faculty In Punjab National Bank

Dr. Rajesh Gupta has been invited to talks for psychological and career related issues by many Colleges. He is on the guest faculty of Punjab National Bank for stress n depression management issues.

On Panel Chandigarh, Punjab Govt, Haryana Govt

Dr. Rajesh is on the panel Chandigarh, Punjab Govt, Haryana Govt and PUAA for counseling on phone for this pandemic period to motivate people. He is also on the panel of Experts week, an expert multinational company for counseling on phone. He is also associated with Senior Citizens association, Chandigarh for old age related issues. 

Brain And Behavior Consultant...

Dr. Rajesh is a brain and behavior consultant, certified career planner and strategist, certified parenting coach, psychological Counselor m hypnotherapist 

He is certified trainer for Neuro...

Dr. Gupta is a certified trainer for Neuro Linguistic practice techniques. He has 147 five star ratings on Google for Career Counseling, Parent n Child Counselor, Relationship Counseling. He has 131 five star ratings for depression counseling n hypnotherapist.

Certified Trainer- Dr. Edward de Bono thinking n creativity tools.

Dr. Gupta is certified trainer for Dr. Edward de Bono thinking n creativity tools.

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How Counselling Helps?

The length and severity of the symptoms and episodes of depression often determine the type of therapy. If you’ve been depressed for a length of time and the symptoms are severe, working with a psychiatrist or psychologist may be necessary, since they deal more with issues from the past that may be deeply rooted in your present feelings. But if the symptoms of depression are more recent or not as severe, working with a therapist in a counseling relationship may be helpful.

During counseling, the therapist will use “talk therapy” to help you understand and work through the issues that are impacting your life in negative ways. Their role is to listen, provide feedback, and work with you to develop strategies to cope. They will also evaluate your progress and adjust the sessions accordingly. You may be asked to do homework that extends the learning from the counseling sessions.


Get Free Initial Consultation...

Get free initial consultation on your depression. Fill up this form to initiate the live chat.

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